Welcome person-who-is-probably-tired-of-watching-youtube-videos,

Tis I, Ranier Maningding:

– 20 years old
– college student
– communication studies major
– will be attending SFSU
– I would like to work in Advertising (creative, not accounts)
– I love writing (when I’m in the mood)
– I believe in style over fashion
– I love women who dress in classic styles
– My favorite years in fashion are the 1940’s and 1960’s.
– I’m Filipino and 1/16th Chinese + 1/16th Spanish,
but everyone thinks I look full Chinese or Vietnamese.
– I’m a city boy, but I was born in the suburbs
– I have a facebook (yes, you should add me, and get updates on posts): Ranier Falco

I also have another blog located at: The Love Life of an Asian Guy. Unlike “The Falco”,
my other blog is about my love life (or my lack of one.) So check it out, IF YOU WANT!


My Inspiration: Loneliness

There’s a big difference between those who are alone, and those who are lonely.
I am the former.

For most of my life, I’ve done things alone. I played alone as a child, I walked to school
alone, and I take trips and try out new restaurants alone. My family and friends have
repeatedly asked me “How can you do that? I would feel so lonely and depressed!” As
they say that to me, I just sit there with mysterious eyes, wondering what nonsense
they speak of.

How could I feel lonely when I have myself to keep me company? However, things
aren’t always this smooth. Sometimes…sometimes the loneliness creeps in like a
gust of wind that sneaks through a crack in the window. And when this sense of
loneliness hits, I sink.

Loneliness is a dangerous thing. You try to do things to feel un-lonely (go out,
talk to people online, etc) but the more you try, the lonelier you feel. Your efforts
simply put you in a state of mind of “wow… I must really be lonely.” It’s like quicksand.

I guess this is where a lot of my inspiration comes from. A lot of my photographs
depict people who are alone, or in some cases, those who feel lonely. I think
solitude is an extremely romantic thing. When someone can be truly alone, and truly
happy at the same time, they’ve achieved a love far greater than a partner can provide.

So what are you? Are you a loner, or just lonely?

11 responses to “Me

  1. Met you yesterday at Indie Bazaar – “love your look” and it was a pleasure to chat with you. Love your blog and will stay tuned for more to come.
    BTW, I don’t make it a habit of following blogs, but like I said yesterday, “Love your look” and now your writing style.

    • The Falco

      Thank you so much Lynn! I have a few photos from your booth so be sure to check back on Wednesday and I’ll post a link back to your site!


  2. Johnny Sack

    Hi, I see you around De Anza, and you look like a fag.

    • The Falco

      Oh? Can you please explain more about this “fag”? How does one become “fag”? Is there a beginners guide on how to be fag? Please Johnny Sack, PLEASE! Educate us! Show us the way of the fag!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Johnny please do ’cause this one’s attractive.

  3. YEA SFSU! (sorry I’m an alumni – go gators!)

    Hopefully I’ll be seeing you tonight at the SF FAMA mashup?


  4. Oh my god I love your blog! Ahhh nice to meet you at fashion feud!

  5. Well i’m sure you get this alot but….I LOVE YOUR STYLE!!OMG!!…lol
    i don’t see many guys dress like this anymore..i think its so sexy and well put together, i love 40’s style. its my favorite
    Oh yea and i love your other blog too…its really had me loling like crazy (my mom was prolly thinkin ‘wtf is so funny?’ )

  6. Cameron Stewart

    Hey thanks for the coverage of our show, was wondering if you had anymore pictures of the audience, or the actual looks from the show? Either way thanks again, hope all is well.

  7. Interesting. I am also an introvert. Although I enjoy the company of others, ultimately my best photography and other work is done when I am alone, without the distractions, and I actually relish looking forward to time alone. I love people, but also love my own company. And yet, I don’t think I’m a self-centered person. Look forward to following your blog!

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