What is this blog about?

I am not a journalist. I do not go to events to take cute pictures of your cute friends. I don’t report out on events and give my unbiased opinion. This blog, these posts, these pictures, they are all biased. If I hate something, you will know – and if I love it, the whole world will hear. If you’re looking for good family fun, watch Harry Potter. If you’re looking for a closer, different look into the world of style and fashion, come in.


When do I post?

Generally speaking, I post every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Note: If I’ve taken a picture of you and your picture hasn’t been posted up, please be patient. Generally, I post pictures in sequential order. So if I took your picture on a Friday but I took a picture of Gisele Bundchen on Thursday, then I’ll post a picture of Gisele first. Also, if your picture was taken later in the day, then you will also be posted later.

But please remember: I WILL post a picture of you, no matter what – unless someone steals my camera before I have a chance to upload the photos :)

“You didn’t post my picture up! What’s up with that?!”

Note: If it’s been awhile and your picture still hasn’t been posted, it’s most likely due to photo complications (blurry photo, ultra exposed photo, etc). I greatly apologize for that :(

2 responses to “About

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  2. ms. dallas

    I love your blog I see new interesting fashion every day…or two :)

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