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The Good (She)pherd – Oakland Zoo, CA (Canon 5D MkII)


This is one of my all-time favorite shots. Prior to this, I hadn’t evenĀ touched my cameras in months. Livi, my family, and I went to the Oakland Zoo as a learning experience for my nephew, Ariston. During the trip my brother-in-law, Mark, brought his newly gifted Canon 5d Mark II and was snapping away at giraffes, lions, and howler monkeys. Then, we walked in to the petting zoo barn and I saw this tiny, fleeting moment. A true H.C.B moment.

With the quickness, I borrowed the 5d Mark II in my hand, pretended I was interested in photographing the goat, and snapped this ONE photo. I felt like Clint Eastwood only less beard-y, more Asian, and less likely to talk to a chair. It felt good getting this shot. It was reassurance that YEAAA BABY! I STILL GOT IT! DADDY STILL GOT THEM MOVES!

I just love the ray of light beaming down on the little girl and the goat. Looks like it jumped off the page of “The Bible: For KIDZ” magazine – which I totally just invented just now.

Baby Jesus

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