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One Last Time: My Last Trip To San Francisco (Fuji X100)


Before my permanent move to Texas I felt a duty festering deep in my soul to visit the city one last time. With my second-hand Fujifilm x100 and Polaroid Automatic Land Camera 360 in hand, I  spent hours walking around releasing any fears of separation at the tail end of the shutter sound.


These are my shots from the X100 in their full form, void of any image compression *cough*Facebook*cough* and commentary.

ariston oops-2 beanie silhouettespace legs blonde hairfinancial street walkschinatown buskbuilding light hard times hiding pop art

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Beyond The Smoke: My Photographic Stroll Through Santana Row

Night Time: for a child, this is when all the creepy crawlers and slimy monsters come out to play. But for any
adult in the San Jose/Santa Clara area, night time is when a different breed of monsters come out. Monsters
in mini skirts, tube tops, and douchey dress shirts that are unbuttoned low enough to see some pubes.
Welcome to Santana Row! Where trying hard and making a fool of yourself is abundant and plenty.

Here, I decided to take out the Fuji X10 for a spin. Honing my inner Daido Moriyama, I practiced my zone
focusing and quick shooting. Unlike the sniper like precision I’m used to at fashion shows and photoshoots,
this type of street photography calls for a different mentality. Whereas fashion shooting is about strolling
on by, picking shots carefully like a little girl picking only the ripest of blueberries, this style is more of an
impulsive reaction. You see it, you shoot it. No thinking, no autofocusing, and certainly no chimping.

Thirty minutes in and I’m already starting to realize something: the circus like show that I anticpated – the
bar fights, sidewalk barfing and random fondling of privates – was hardly visible to my 28mm eye. Where
was all the P.D.I (public display of idiocy)? It was then that I realized that although the streets were
congested with walking tube tops and faux hawks, they weren’t hanging out on the pavement, but in the bars
themselves – duh!

I spy an Asian guy.

Perhaps Santana Row isn’t that bad – at least on the pavement. I’m still not gonna eat their shit-tier food and dine
at their over-priced, over-hyped restaurants, but perhaps I can come back more often to photograph the
try-hards and people looking to be seen.



Places are much different from the outside looking in, and even more so if you aren’t even close enough to see
through the glass yourself. If you speculate and make assumptions before coming to a place, you could possibly
miss an opportunity. For you, maybe that opportunity is a chance to grind your sweaty balls all over some jail
bait’s freshly waxed leg, but for me, it’s an opportunity for a nicely pressed photo. For every tramp stamped
tramp at this joint, there is a group of Asian tourists, a family looking for grub, and a flock of socially oblivious

And me? Where do I fit in with all of the creepy crawlers and tube topped monsters? I’m a kid with a flashlight,
trying to see if there really are monsters under the bed.

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Straight Guys In Sephora: Y U NO ACT NORMAL?!


Crikey! Have a lookey here mate! What we got here is a wild Asian husband. If ya take a look at his expressionless
face, you can tell that he’s awkwardly waiting for his wife whilst avoiding eye contact with everyone else. HOLY
smokes! Look at the way he holds that bag! SUUUPPPER AWKWARD!

Whenever I see a straight guy in Sephora, he always wears this dumb look of confusion on his face. These guys
who look so miserable, as if they were gang raped then forced into prostitution, are now sitting in the middle of
Sephora without a clue as to what to do. It’s as if they’re so afraid to touch or look at anything without having
the word GAY stamped on their forehead. And while all of this is happening, I’m in the store asking for samples
of cologne and hair products.

Tips For Men: When entering a Sephora, don’t stand in the middle of the aisles like a tossed out gum wrapper.

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What The The Hell Is “Hip Hop” Fashion? – Battlefest Live 360, San Mateo

Some of you might be asking yourself right now “What the shit?! I thought this was a fashion blog? Why
the hell are you covering hip-hop events?! Ranier, you goddamn sellout!”

Ummm, yeaaa…. about that.

I‘ve actually been attending Battlefest for many many years. How many many? This many: IX. But in
all my years at Battlefest, I’ve never taken the time to observe the outfits and styles of the “hip-hop
community.” I mean, what the hell is hip-hop fashion anyways? To kick-start this blog, I present to you:
Urban Terminator.

“I need your tank tops, your high tops, and your sunglasses….”

Urban Terminator, watch out! It’s… uhhhh…..what’s that guy’s name again? OH YEA! It’s: Mumm-Ra!

Damn homie, someone dun blew up yo hair!

That reminds me: one of the things that I noticed about hip-hop style is that, when it comes to outfits, most
of these kids wear pretty normal stuff. Nothing too crazy, or too creative. That’s on a entire outfit, but the
real creativity is seen on their accessories and color choices.

Herro ^-^

No, Mom, it’s not what you think! I’m just looking at uhhh…..uhhhh… it’s FASHION! YEA! It’s this new
eco-friendly collection from the designer named…uhhh…LEO PARD! Yea, that’s it!”

Immaturity aside, I thought this group really went for the jugular. Instead of creating crazy costumes,
they just put all the ladies in matching outfits, but different bras. Truth be told, I actually liked some of
the prints on the bras.

Ya see? This is what I like to see. It’s simple, it works on her, and it just looks

And the winner for best dressed dance group goes toooo…….. Funksters!

But of course. I mean, they are based in San Francisco, so it’s almost a given
that they’d be stylish. And now, for the winner of best dressed couple….


The way I see it, if you’re gonna color your hair, ya might as well go all out – like this chick.  Doesn’t her hair
remind you of a dreamsicle? It’s so cool! What do you think, Mr. Boyfriend?… Mr. Boyfriend?

Apparently, Mr. Boyfriend was not impressed. But hey! No worries! Now that
they’re on my blog, they’ll be famous! Awww, aren’t they just the cutest
little urban-hip-hop-fashionable-yet-kinda-famous couple? Come on guys,
group hug! ^0^

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the show. Not the show itself (which is always amazing), but rather,
the styles. The problem is that, when it comes to being fashionable, you sometimes run the risk of being

So what will it be? Wear the ugly sweats that are easy to move around in, or rock the vintage jeans that
suffocate your man bits? Hopefully next year gets better (fashionably), but sometimes, ya gotta
understand what you’re there for: dancing –  not fashion. Until next time, dear Battlefest.

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The Mysterious Hijab: De Anza College, Cupertino

There’s something amazingly beautiful about a Hijab. It’s not just the print and fabric that makes a Hijab
gorgeous, but rather, the mystery behind it. What is her hair really like? Is it dark and curly? Long and
blonde? Or maybe she has a wicked bright blue mohawk? Who knows?! It’s interesting just thinking about it.
It also makes you wonder “is the Hijab hiding more than just her hair”?

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Don’t Stand So Close To Me: De Anza College, Cupertino

I gotta tell ya: I’m seriously starting to like this lens. Even though this well hung 70 – 300mm looks like a
giant sex toy, it sure makes for some interesting photos. Before, I was all about getting up-close and
personal with my subjects – close enough to touch them. But now, I can do that from a stalkerly safe
distance! PEEPING RULES!

The weird thing is that, from a distance, the styles that I used to object to are suddenly appearing as
interesting and cute. This outfit, for example, is just another “Asian girl wearing something cutesy from
Forever 21 and what-not”, but when you’re THIS close… it’s actually quite bearable. Heck, it’s even a
half decent outfit!

Details, my man, details!

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Harray Poh-tah! – De Anza College, Cupertino

The sweater and hat totally remind me of Harry Potter. I can hear it now… “HARRAY! HARRAY!”And in
my crazy imagination, I can visualize this dude riding his bike, then flying away as if it were his
urban broomstick.

This just goes to show you: no matter how shitty a clothing brand may be (in this case, American Eagle), there’s always someone out
there who can (and will) do it justice.

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“What Asian Are You?” – De Anza College, Cupertino

If you’re like 75% of the population, you too enjoy people watching. However, to say that you enjoy people
watching is like saying you enjoy music – it’s too general of a statement. The question to ask is “What are you
looking for when you people watch?”

For me, one of the games that I enjoy playing while people watching is a game called “What Asian Are You?”
So, ladies and gentleman: what Asian is this girl? I’m guessing Korean. Any takers?

Speaking of Koreans: Why do they (and pretty much all Asian International Students) always rock the
sickest outfits at school? They’re always wearing these really unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. “ASIANS, Y U NO

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The Way You Move: De Anza College, Cupertino

Fashion isn’t all about shapes and trends. Sometimes, it can be a certain color, or a combination of colors.
But for me, I find that movement has a great affect as well. Movement can breathe life into an outfit and
often times, it makes a piece or two feel alive.

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Safari Weather: De Anza College, Cupertino

It’s about time, eh?

Seriously dude, what the hell is up with this weather? First it’s rainy, sunny, light showers, then scorching hot.
Weather man, get yo shit straight! On a positive note: the students at De Anza seem to be stepping up their
stylistic game! Hooray for spending more time planning outfits rather than studying! I mean jeez…
education is sooo overrated ;)

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