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Fat Loss Miracle or Mirage? My Thoughts on “Slenderiix” the Magic Weight Loss Method

In the past two months I’ve noticed a handful of people posting before-and-after photos of their AMAZING weight loss transformation. “Now you see fat? *VIOLA!* Now you don’t!” But being the hardcore skeptic that I am, I started to look into all these overnight skinnies and wondered, “what the hell are they doing to lose this weight?”

Apparently, there’s a homeopathic “product” being used called “Slenderiix” where all you need to do is plop a few drops of magic water on your tongue, follow a specific diet and POOF! You’ll go from Gary Busey to George Clooney in snap. Yet for some odd reason, all of the people who have lost weight from using this “product” seem to be losing it at an ALARMINGLY FAST rate. Now, I wasn’t born yesterday so I understand the ploy behind many of these bullshit products:

1. Create a product that does NOTHING to the user. No risks involved/no benefits
2. Say that in order for the product to work, you MUST FOLLOW A STRICT DIET, as if the diet will somehow team-up with the product to create a SUPER PRODUCT!
3. Restrict the calorie intake to concerning levels, bordering on malnutrition
4. Make exercising OPTIONAL
5. Stick finger up asses of customers
6. Make it rain.

But the more I tried to research “Slenderiix” (or the company that makes it, Ariix) the more I noticed how UNANIMOUSLY POSITIVE all the reviews were. There’s hardly a negative comment in existence. Now, I’ve been using the INTERNETZ for quite some time and from my experience, there is NOTHING in this world that is that loved and cherished on the internet. Hell, even the beloved Cat picture has its share of haters — so why does this “product” seem invincible from the gamma rays of the almighty trolls of the internet?

Then, a burst of light gleamed from a crack in the system and revealed the ugly truth:

This is another one of those bullshit multi-level marketing companies that sells to their customers while “recruiting” them to sell to their friends. Because of course, if you’re buying into a pile of bullshit you might as well pull your friends into the mess so you can all enjoy, right? Ignorance loves company and this Ariix crap is no different from the phony shit sold from USANA or scAMWAY.

Look, at the end of the day, we are all free to consume whatever Chinese medicine/homeopathic infused moon crystals we desire. If it makes you skinnier, great; If it gives you a full head of luscious hair, fantastic; If it makes you feel like your dick is growing 12 inches a month, hooray! However, I do think there’s a greater issue at hand that does need to be addressed and that is the deformed relationship between greed and insecurity.

You see, there’s nothing wrong with your pot belly and man boobs. If that’s who you are, then embrace it. If you want to change it, go for it. Go for a nice jog around the park, start lifting weights and quit sneaking into Carls Jr late at night to have a midnight rendezvous with a double western cheeseburger (which I admit to doing more than once.) But when companies like Ariix or USANA try to sell you unregulated products — most of which aren’t FDA approved or doctor approved — you have to ask yourself, “what am I getting myself into? What are the long term ramifications of taking this thing?” I mean honestly, most of these weight loss miracles are probably 99% water and 1% 7-UP so I don’t think you’ll be growing tentacle arms any time soon, but you should still wonder…

I guess my problem with these companies is that they’re selling you a product that claims to help you lose weight yet in reality, its the dieting and exercise that does the work — not the product. They’re not selling miracle drugs, they’re selling lies . Bold face lies. And although the alternative of eating well and working out simply cannot be bundled into an effective advertisement, I somehow find myself strangely in approval of these products. Maybe they work because they employ the same tactics that are used by parents everywhere to convince their children to eat more veggies: by hiding the peas and carrots inside the mashed potatoes and pizza, the kids THINK they’re getting something fantastic when in reality, the truth is burried underneath. And though we are old enough to do our research and figure out what is in these products that we’re buying, like that ignorant child we once were, we choose to believe that we’re eating magic mashed potatoes and gravy that our parents claim will make us run faster and jump higher. We choose to not question what we’re given because we want to believe that miracles do exist and that there is hope somewhere beneath our flabby stomach.

In this crushing economy where graduate students with Masters degrees on top of Masters degrees can’t get a job flipping burgers to save their broke ass, sometimes you need that boost in confidence. And you know what? Perhaps that is all Slenderiix does. It’s the confidence that if I take this miracle water, I’ll succeed in losing this weight and maybe, just maybe, I might look good enough to be hired for a job… or find a girlfriend… or feel like I love myself. Perhaps these are the things that we need most in times of uncertainty: a little bit of hope, a few cups of confidence and a gallon of disregard.


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Fanime 2013: Where Perverted Virgins and Artists Collide!

Ah, Fanime… the only time of the year when you can walk around downtown San Jose wearing a lolita dress and
not have people suspect that you’re a hardcore weeaboo. But alas, Fanime was today and it brought out all of the
bay area’s nerdiest and most creative minds under one wet blanket. Being the cheap ass that I am, I just roamed
the halls and outskirts of the convention looking for cosplayers with some pizazz. Oddly enough, I actually wasn’t
too thrilled to be shooting there.

You see, ever since I transitioned into film/polaroid photography my shooting style has changed. So while nerd
1, 2 and 384 were all photographing the same girl, DSLRs click-clacking faster than Michael J. Fox in tap shoes,
I pretty much had one chance to get it right. Equipped with 1 pack of Fuji FP-100C color film, 1 pack of fp-3000b
black and white and one roll of Portra 400 in my Olympus Stylus Epic, I had to be very selective with who I
photographed and how. Take this shot for example:

First off, I thought her Catwoman was fantastic. The stitching looked legit and the expressions were
pretty damn spot on. She was even hanging out against the wall like one of those stray cats you might see
in an alley. However, due to the low speed of film (100 ISO) I was forced to really grip down on my camera
and stabilize it as much as possible. A bit blurry for my taste but the silver lining is that popping red against
the blue hazed tones. I also bleached the negative which has a very 80’s-ish vibe – no?

It totally reminds of those thin, outdated hairstyle booklets that almost every Vietnamese barber shop owns.
Gerri curl, anybody? Digressions aside, the con was a little disappointing to be honest. Everyone seemed to be
dressed as the same damn thing and no one really went there. It was all just a bunch of Lolitas, obscure
characters who look like they could be from any damn anime — I mean seriously, how original do you look wearing
an Asian schoolgirl outfit? — and even more annoying was the bukkake of Princess Zeldas and Links gossiping
around their makeshift deku tree.

This was one of the few Zeldas that I actually bought into. She totally stayed in character the whole time and had
demure hand gestures as if her hand were a dolphin skipping away.

See what I mean? This kinda shit is cool. Squatting over a bird shit-stained light post just to give your fans a
good shot? BALLIN! And the black chick has that confidence that bodes well with Black widow.

Being the only polaroid photographer that day, I got quite a few compliments and questions about my camera.
After taking a photo of miss Pochahontas over here, some dude popped out of the trees like Slenderman and
was like “cool camera!” We chatted for a bit about film photography, he told me about his film background
and he eventually gave me his business card. Check out their fantastic work!

One of the moments that truly stuck out to me was when I saw Zero Suit Samus. When I came up to take a
picture of her I noticed this Super-Cholo dude with his hood lookin’ buddy asking to have their photo taken
with her. Arms around her shoulder, they cheesed as the other brother snapped away on their camera phone.
Now, I’m not going to say they were out of place since who knows, those guys could be closeted weeboos,
but what I did take note of was her expression.

Her face was cringing when they were touching her; it was as if she were 5 years old again and her parents
were trying to feed her vegetables. Maybe other people didn’t see it, but I know I did. It was subtle, but it
was definitely there. I guess when you do street photography you end up training your eye to notice
microscopic moments: a bright red high heel on cold pavement, a little child dancing in a pocket of
sunlight or the forced smile of a woman trying to maintain her composure. Which brings me to my final
point of this drawn out post: IS Cosplay consent?

I love how much dynamic range is restored when you scan the negatives of fp-3000b. Pro tip: DON’T keep your unpeeled pictures close together or they will magically warm up and somehow get sticky, leaving this weird pattern that you see.

Oh, what the hell am I saying? Of course Cosplay isn’t consent! Yes, some of these women are dressed more
than your average hooters girl, but the outfit a woman wears should never dictate whether a man
(or rather, a boy) has the right to touch her in any way. Come to think about it, most of the photographers that
were there seemed rather pervy. I kinda just took my shots and walked away while these other peeping toms
looked like they were completely getting off with their camera lenses. WHY DO YOU LADIES EVEN COME

I kid, I kid. But in all honesty it does make me wonder: during these types of conventions where you have
women dressed up as characters, is there something about the environment that makes guys feel like it’s
okay to touch women? Or should we just learn to expect this behavior from virgin boys who claim to have
reached first base when in reality, an elderly German lady simply patted down their jeans during a TSA
inspection. It really goes to show you that both nerds and jocks can be assholes.

Oh, and I also saw Ironman.


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Geraldine (Gigi) – Sales Associate By Day, Aspiring Fashion Designer By Night – San Jose

I‘ll say it now: working at a job that isn’t your career fucking sucks. I mean, how many of us actually work at a job
that we love? Aside from being the official taste tester for Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, there really isn’t a job in the
world that caters to every single need you have. As an aspiring artist working in retail, the monotony of selling
handbags and rubber flip-flops can bore the neurons out of your brain. So when Geraldine (aka, Gigi, aka G²) –
a 30-something, 5’2-ish, aspiring fashion designer – was hired at our location, we immediately bonded over our
shared longing for a future in art.

As Dr. Evil as it may seem, I’m somewhat of an emotional brick wall. I hardly cry, my heart skips a beat when
children are being yelled at by their parents in public, and I also give zero fucks when I lose a friend. Friends?
Whateves, yo! I’ll just find a new one on 4CHAN! But as today marks Gigi’s last day, a part of me (and all of us at
work) has seemed to dwindle down like a fire without a wick. Why, you ask? Well, when you work with a group of
all women, you get somewhat of a shitstorm when it comes to drama. She said, she said, and all of this bullcrap
gets thrown around like condiments in a food fight. At some point, everyone has been irritated by everyone –
but not Gigi.

Gigi was sort of the neutral party. She never started shit with anyone nor did she care to be involved. I respect
that. She was always an immensely chipper person and even though she was only in her early 30’s, she felt sort
of like our grandma – emotionally relaxed and always willing to share a great conversation. If we weren’t talking
about food and the types of food we wish we could be eating on our incoming lunch break, we discussed art,
fashion, gossip at work, and other random topics. But she was also real, with real problems and real concerns.

Interlaced beneath the cotton threads of her happy disposition were the linings of guy problems, struggles with
family issues, and the mystery of her future in the fashion biz. I mean she had some Maury Povich stuff goin on
and naturally, I found myself as her unofficial therapist – advising and guiding her on things such as “that man is
a LIAR!” or “MAN UP! Ask him out!” Conversely, she helped me learn to relax more at work. She taught me
how to turn my inner TiVo on and put things in slow motion. To stop, take my time, and let the job do itself.
She was excellent at it.

I won’t bore you any longer with my individual stories and inside jokes but I will say this: despite my brick wall
of a heart, I truly found myself saddened when she left our store. A good, moral, and real person had left our
family at work. The world just doesn’t make people like her anymore. People who seem to endure so much in
life yet they continue to thrive and smile through it all. Both of us may have bigger dreams and aspirations
beyond the tasks of folding clothes and ringing up needy customers, so perhaps, by chance, the art world will
harmonize and in the future, we will meet again at the corporate art department.

Till then, my good friend.

Dance on*

*This was a song that we all used to lip sync and dance to during work*

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It Is Way Too Early For This: I Am NOT A Morning Person

There are two types of working people on this earth: the early-to-risers that zap to the beat of their alarm clock,
and the nocturnal zombies that horde through mazes of internet at night. I am, as with most of the men in my age
group who have access to Call of Duty and XBOX Live, the latter. I am the one who you see posting status
updates at 3:00 A.M in the morning while the foggy glaze over my eyeballs swirls and swirls. However, I’ve
been living a double life for the past month.

I recently sold my car some time ago and to make a very long story short, I am now on-call to help taxi my
oldest sister to work on weekday mornings at 7am. Let me get this straight: though some of you might
consider 7am the hour to be jettin’ out the front door, I see it as the hour to be flying through a mega mall
with a laser beam attached to my biceps while floating hamsters throw rainbow tacos at me. In other words,
I am passed out and lost in another cooky dream.

But not today my friends. Today, I slugged out of bed like a wounded Bubba Gump as I threw on a robe and
looked out the cold and dreary apartment complex.

Who the hell is up at this obscene hour? What tormented soul puts themselves through this crap? I understand
that some individuals must wake up at this time for their job, which I totally understand, but my confusion is
with people who choose to wake up early, as if the freshest and most fragrant part of human life must be picked
clean in the wee hours of 5 a.m.

I‘ve never been drunk thus I’ve never driven while inebriated, but I can imagine that driving while
half-awake is just the same. I loop in and out of consciousness as the swaying of my car rocks me like a baby.
Then there are those momentary dips of darkness where you crawl under a bridge and pop comes the light.
“Solar Flare!”

After I drop off my sister, I take a mental conquest to truly figure out: who gets up at this hour, and why? The
world is perfectly fine in about four more hours! Come back to bed, broski! Snuggle snuggle my little cholo! The
bed is cozy and here, we only sleep on the cool side of the pillow. So lay back, relax, and let the dreams of flying
and lasers begin!

Realistically speaking, I know that some individuals just prefer that time of day. The world can’t function without
these lose– caring and dedicated folks. I mean, who else is gonna pour that cup of coffee at the diner? Denny’s
hasbrowns don’t make themselves ya know! The world needs you early wakers, and they also need us wonderful
night owls. But on the question of “Who is up at this hour?” I found my answer driving up beside me – literally.

In comes Mr. Rich-Asian-Guy driving a $130,000 Black Audi R8.

Whatever… I don’t even like driving fast! :)


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We Survived The 2012 Apocalypse! + The NEW New Years Resolutions!

For as long as I’ve lived, I’ve always been quite the skeptic. Santa Claus? No way. Ghosts? Can’t happen. Spirits
and the after life? I doubt it. Yet for some reason, I always found the concept of the Apocalypse to be quite
intriguing and to some degree, believable. Now hold on a second Mr. Hawking, before you strike out my last
sentence with that piece of virtual chalk, I would like us to enter a world where we believe that the Apocalypse
was actually an imminent truth. Let us slip into a cozy and transport our minds to a time where the world would
actually end on a specific date and time.

Think about it for a minute. If the world were to end at a set time, how would the human race react? Would we all
sit around a garbage can fire, hold hands and cry? What would we do? Who would we hold during those final
moments of existence? A speech teacher once told me that during the attack on 9/11, the civilians who were in the
Twin Towers were faced with two options: die in a slow, giant burning ember, or fall through the sky like a comet.
Sadly, many did choose to jump out. But you know what the interesting thing was? My professor said that when
people were jumping out windows, they looked for the nearest person, held their hand, and jumped together.

Sometimes I think of the rapture because it puts my life into perspective. It forces me to ask myself “if I knew
the world would end, what would matter to me during that last breath of oxygen?” Once you get in that trance
of “wow… what if the world really DID end?” you start to remove all of the tedious things you think you care about.
Stuff like laptops, Call of Duty points, Fendi handbags, and college degrees. Remove them all, keep cutting, and
what do you get?


When you reduce the pot of problems and needs in your life, you’re left with a stock of few things: loved ones,
happiness, and self-fulfillment. That’s really it. Take this bit of info and really apply it to this new year. Stop
creating retarded New Years resolutions which are too often based on your desire to look like a Bowflex
commercial model, and make a meaningful resolution this year.

Hooray for surviving another Apocalypse! Quick, queue the random dancing black man who I saw at Costco!

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En Vogue (HD Video): The Fashion Video You Didn’t See

This post – the very one that you are reading right now – shouldn’t even exist. As a matter of fact, I’m still
debating about whether or not to hit the publish button. The truth is: sometimes, the work you put it in
doesn’t live up to your expectations. You wanted pearls and gold? Well too bad – you’ve got a handful of rocks.

However, I decided to post the video because I WANT you to see my screw ups. I WANT you to see that
I’ve messed up, and that I’m trying to improve. I WANT to look back at this and think “Good job, idiot –
now make another video, but do it 400 times better!”

While Driving To The Fashion Event, “En Vogue…”

As I was driving to the San Francisco Auditorium, a van made an (illegal) right turn while I was going forward.
Just then, I smashed onto the breaks, and BAM!… Nothing happened to my car, but why did my car made a
thud? As I look down, I see that my camera has smacked against the dashboard. Frantic to see if my equipment
was okay, I noticed that the body had remained untouched (hooray for my 7D!) but the lens was completely
(for lack of a better term) f*cked.

So there you go. I had an hour and a half till showtime, and the only lens I brought was completely busted.
What next? Oh, no biggie! Just walk 3 miles to the nearest camera store and rent a new lens! So off I went,
came back, sweaty as hell, and I still managed to get some pretty good shots.

But it didn’t come as a surprise that, although my borrowed lens was nice (50mm 1.4), it did not feel right. I
wasn’t used to using it, which is why there is a significant amount of camera shake. But alas, here is the video:

**Don’t forget to watch it in HD (720p)!**

You see… I wasn’t planning on posting the video because personally, I found a lot of screw ups in the
editing and shooting of the video. I mean, it’s still a good video, but it’s definitely “C” quality work. And as all
of you know, an Asian can NOT have a C!

In the end, what really pushed me to not post this video was not myself, but actually, the people around me.
Sometimes, no matter how much work you put into things, the people you work for just won’t appreciate it.
They’re the types that value quantity over quality, and in the end, you’re just another brick in their one toned

But no worries! I have bigger and better things to come. Till then, happy shooting :)


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Seeing Clearly: Backstage at En Vogue

So I walked upstairs and I saw a butt-load of gorgeous models standing around, having their photos taken.
Most of them were waiting in line to get Del Geronimized, while others were having their makeup done.
As three or so photographers were flashing away at the white backdrop, I looked around the room, and
started to think.


Me: Excuse me, can I borrow you for a second?

Snap snap, and I take the shot above. Doesn’t she look so 1950’s domestic housewife?

Here’s the thing with models: They either have it, or they don’t. And by “it”, what I mean is, their ability to
listen to directions. I swear, sometimes I feel like some models are legally brain-dead. I’ll shout out
directions like “Okay Tommy, put your right hand over your chin” and instead, he’ll start breakdancing.

But of course, in the end, the photographer is responsible for the final product. You might be working with
top quality models like Sun Fei Fei or Rojam Wang, but if your photography skills are comparable
to that of a monkey flinging his poop, well then, you sir, are f*cked.

And part of being a decent fashion photographer is being able to see things. You need to be able to pick
from a sea of models, the right one, the perfect one – the one who you believe has it – who can deliver
the goods. If you can weave through the clutter and find that pot of gold, you’ll find yourself in a land
of good work. But hey!  That’s just my personal opinion ^_^

I‘ll be posting my video from En Vogue later this week –  so stay tuned, kids ;)

**UPDATE** The Video from En Vogue has been canceled. Sorry!


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**BREAKING NEWS** I GIVE UP On “Street Fashion” Photography?

Some of you are probably wondering by now:

“Is he seriously giving up Street Fashion?”

To answer that question: No, I’m not. However, I’ve been doing a lot of
thinking and during my recent trip to San Francisco, I had an epiphany.


During the month of December, I attended back-to-back fashion shows
as a photo and videographer.  While spending time backstage, I worked
on my first three fashion videos, and did anything but street fashion. It
was very busy work but within the span of two days, I was able to
generate enough content for three weeks! After awhile, I got sick and
tired of being on a schedule and I just needed some fresh air, and a
chance to rekindle with the concrete jungle.

Back in my natural habitat, I spent almost four hours walking around,
trying to find someone, anyone to photograph. I did find a handful of
nice outfits but I didn’t find enough. That’s the thing I hate about street
fashion: as nice as it is to go out and talk to strangers, my content is
entirely based on the creativity of other people. Essentially, I’m a

But that’s not who I am – or rather, not all I can do. I have over ten
different photoshoot ideas I’d like to work on, over 5 different videos
I want to try out, and at least 3 short films I have in mind. I’ve picked
out music, outfits, models, makeup, hair ideas, themes, and places I’d
like to shoot. Standing in the corner of Union Square, feet cramped,
throat dry, and tummy growling, it came to me:

I want to focus more on Fashion Editorial/Fashion Film/Fashion
Shows/Fashion Events

So as of now, The will be undergoing massive changes to
it’s mission statement, branching out from under the tree of street
fashion, and into the cosmos of editorial and beyond. I mean shit! I’ve
been blogging for over 6 years! I’m not just a blogger, but a storyteller.
As much as I like telling the stories of outfits I see on the street, I’d
much rather create my own.

Street fashion will always be there, and I will still do it, but just not as
much. I hope you can understand, and I hope all of my readers will
continue to visit the site for more pictures, videos, and stories.

One of the shots from my 1960's themed Photoshoot, taken in Downtown San Francisco

**Attention Models, Makeup Artists, Hair
Stylists, Designers, Photographers,
Videographers, and Bloggers**

If you’d like to work with me on my many many MANY projects, feel
free to contact me at, or you can add me
on Facebook, OR you can contact me through the official Facebook
page of

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SeeZenn Fashion Show 2010 (HD Video)

Pssst! The video is also available in HD! Check it out! ;)

Something to think about:

The lifespan of a fashion model can last anywhere between thirty years to thirty seconds. In the blink of an eye, a once
popular fashion icon could be thrown out like old milk. Tossed into the abyss and branded as “old news”. In the world of
high fashion, models are seen as essential yet disposable pieces in a larger puzzle. To many, models are a mere coat
hanger with legs. But are they?

Isn’t it ironic that the fashion industry tosses out models so easily when in the end, fashion itself is about making
people feel good about themselves? It’s remarkable how designers claim to be all about “satisfying the customer” or
“making women feel beautiful” yet through their advertisements, they often times just make us feel insecure about

Yes, I know this commentary is contradictory since the women in my video are beyond gorgeous, but here’s what I
was trying to do with it: I wanted to show the life of a model when the lights are off. I wanted people to see a more
lonely, less glamorous, and even more romantic side to fashion modeling. I wanted to paint an image where models
are more than coat hangers with legs, but people with feelings. Feelings of nervousness, momentary sadness, and
of emptiness.

This is the life of a “dying” model. One who, despite being very young, is still very old (in the eyes of the industry).


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Why Am I Wasting My Time On This Blog?!

How do you know when something is your passion?

Three months ago, I was on a trip to San Francisco to take a few shots for
this blog. The day was progressing rather smoothly in terms of sight
seeing, but when it came to photographing fashionistas, I was deprived.
Where was everyone? The wind was mild, the sun barely visible, and the
city was blanketed under a nice gray cloud – the conditions for
photography were excellent.

As the sun crept lower and lower, I began worrying about my shots. Time
was running out and I only had two shots within my 5 hours in the city.
Hurry up Ranier, HURRY! MOVE YOUR ASS! GO, GO, GO! I needed at least
more good shot. One more money shot. Then I saw the most beautiful
lady, in the most perfect outfit, for this perfect weather.

My heart stopped – as it always does when I see a subject I want to
photograph – I followed this lady and stopped her and her friend, asking if
I could take a shot. I could tell they were in a hurry so I tried my best to
snap something. But as I was snapping, I knew my impatience would
backfire – which it did.

I was off. My camera shook, I was shooting in the opposite direction of
where I was supposed to be, and my camera settings should have been
tweaked. As I stood there in the middle of Union Square previewing the
shots I just took, my throat began to dry, a bead of sweat rolled down my
face and I was pissed. This was the perfect shot, the shot of the night…
and I screwed it up.

I was so mad and upset with myself that I turned off the camera, and
walked right back to my car. I couldn’t take it. The shear disappointment
left me feeling like I was a failure, a loser, a total noob at my craft. After I
got into my car, I immediately drove home in shame. As dusk turned into
night, I started to think about what happened that evening.

Why was I really upset? It’s just a picture, right? At that moment it
dawned on me: I really do care about this fashion blog. I may not be
updating as much as I could, nor am I going to San Francisco every week
– but I do care. This blog, this fashion blog that I’ve actually spent money
on (business cards, website domains, new camera, trips to San Francisco,
etc) yields absolutely 0% revenue. I make zero dollars off this site. NADA!
And unlike the various bloggers out there who produce half assed entries
for the purpose of making a quick buck, I don’t make shit.

I sculpt this blog as my way of creative expression. I used to paint, I used
to draw, and I used to do graphic design – now I photograph fashion. I
guess you can say it’s a hobby, but given the events described above, and
my drive and determination to be the best, I’d say it’s more than a hobby.
To you this might be a waste of time, but for me… this is my passion.


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