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Kevin Osmond Photography: Winter 2011/2012 Video Shoot (Behind The Scenes)

Why am I so dumb? I can’t believe I forgot to blog about this video. For the shoot,
I actually drove out to San Francisco (an hour drive), spent hours in the studio
doing video, and a couple hours in front of the screen snipping video clips to make
this awesome creation. But hey! Think of it as my present to you. This is the latest
fashion video that I’ve done, and boy oh boy is it swell. So check it out while drinking
hot chocolate, or simply enjoy within the comfort of your empty room while wearing
absolutely nothing at all.

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En Vogue (HD Video): The Fashion Video You Didn’t See

This post – the very one that you are reading right now – shouldn’t even exist. As a matter of fact, I’m still
debating about whether or not to hit the publish button. The truth is: sometimes, the work you put it in
doesn’t live up to your expectations. You wanted pearls and gold? Well too bad – you’ve got a handful of rocks.

However, I decided to post the video because I WANT you to see my screw ups. I WANT you to see that
I’ve messed up, and that I’m trying to improve. I WANT to look back at this and think “Good job, idiot –
now make another video, but do it 400 times better!”

While Driving To The Fashion Event, “En Vogue…”

As I was driving to the San Francisco Auditorium, a van made an (illegal) right turn while I was going forward.
Just then, I smashed onto the breaks, and BAM!… Nothing happened to my car, but why did my car made a
thud? As I look down, I see that my camera has smacked against the dashboard. Frantic to see if my equipment
was okay, I noticed that the body had remained untouched (hooray for my 7D!) but the lens was completely
(for lack of a better term) f*cked.

So there you go. I had an hour and a half till showtime, and the only lens I brought was completely busted.
What next? Oh, no biggie! Just walk 3 miles to the nearest camera store and rent a new lens! So off I went,
came back, sweaty as hell, and I still managed to get some pretty good shots.

But it didn’t come as a surprise that, although my borrowed lens was nice (50mm 1.4), it did not feel right. I
wasn’t used to using it, which is why there is a significant amount of camera shake. But alas, here is the video:

**Don’t forget to watch it in HD (720p)!**

You see… I wasn’t planning on posting the video because personally, I found a lot of screw ups in the
editing and shooting of the video. I mean, it’s still a good video, but it’s definitely “C” quality work. And as all
of you know, an Asian can NOT have a C!

In the end, what really pushed me to not post this video was not myself, but actually, the people around me.
Sometimes, no matter how much work you put into things, the people you work for just won’t appreciate it.
They’re the types that value quantity over quality, and in the end, you’re just another brick in their one toned

But no worries! I have bigger and better things to come. Till then, happy shooting :)


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The Summit: Project San Francisco Fashion Show (HD VIDEO)

For the HD version, watch here >> The Summit (HD)

Enjoy the video, my little fashion angels! FLY! FLY with this video! Show all your friends and family!
GO little fashion messenger, go go go!

…or not.


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Beautiful Stranger (HD Video)

Challenge: Make a stylish video to show off the designers clothes.

The models are wearing dresses at night, in the cold (50 F/10 C.)
You have about 2 minutes with each model. No more, but probably less.

Luckily, I managed to pull it off. Soooo… what do you think? This videoshoot
was actually pretty spontaneous. I initially recorded the runway but due to the
congested venue which took place in a choked hallway in an office building, the
video turned out a bit clunky.

With the wind blowing beautifully into the model’s hair, I wanted to capture the
essence of being taken away by someone’s beauty. To be engulfed, and swept away
by the beauty of their presence. Not their face, or their body, but the fact that
they’re there, and you are here… watching them as if they were a bird, or a swan,
dancing and moving gracefully into the atmosphere.

“The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”
– Andy Warhol


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Full Framed: Michelle Elaine of FVNCY.COM + (HD Video)

What if today were your last day on earth? If you knew you were
going to be gone forever,
what five things would you leave behind?
What five items would you choose as the fossil of who you were,
what you were like, and what you surrounded yourself with?


These five items can be practical tools used daily, sentimental gifts,
or they can be symbols of something money can’t buy: your
childhood, a long lost memory, or someone you love.

When it comes to fashion blogging, I definitely have my favorites as well as those
who I really really dislike. One of the ways in which a fashion blogger can be on
my good side is by creating their own original content.

That means taking your own pictures, drawing your own drawings, and doing
the writing yourself. I’m sorry to sound like a dick-in-a-box but those fashion
blogs where people just repost shit? … I hate it. Michelle Elaine is NOT one of
those people (thank god.)

Her blog (FVNCY.COM) is incredibly simple but after all the time I’ve spent on
there, I feel like it’s one of the most genuine of fashion blogs. It’s not fake,  and it
doesn’t have a snobby “look at how hawt I am/how expensive my clothes
are” kind of vibe.

Despite her honest and “real” blog, I still felt as if a big chunk of her personality
was missing from the page. A part of her character that could only be seen
in person.

“I’m still very self conscious of what I write on my blog. I tend to filter things
out a lot. I try not to, but it’s hard. That’s why I like Christina’s (Profreshstyle)
blog: she has the guts to just say things – I can’t do that.”

From a blogging perspective, I see Michelle as a tiny, cute little caterpillar.
She’s still making her rounds and doing a great job at what she does, but what
she’s doing now is only the start. I see a lot of potential in her work and I can
only hope that one day she’ll open up to us all…and when she does, I’m sure
she’ll be on everyone’s favorite list :)

Happy Holidays Everyone


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SeeZenn Fashion Show 2010 (HD Video)

Pssst! The video is also available in HD! Check it out! ;)

Something to think about:

The lifespan of a fashion model can last anywhere between thirty years to thirty seconds. In the blink of an eye, a once
popular fashion icon could be thrown out like old milk. Tossed into the abyss and branded as “old news”. In the world of
high fashion, models are seen as essential yet disposable pieces in a larger puzzle. To many, models are a mere coat
hanger with legs. But are they?

Isn’t it ironic that the fashion industry tosses out models so easily when in the end, fashion itself is about making
people feel good about themselves? It’s remarkable how designers claim to be all about “satisfying the customer” or
“making women feel beautiful” yet through their advertisements, they often times just make us feel insecure about

Yes, I know this commentary is contradictory since the women in my video are beyond gorgeous, but here’s what I
was trying to do with it: I wanted to show the life of a model when the lights are off. I wanted people to see a more
lonely, less glamorous, and even more romantic side to fashion modeling. I wanted to paint an image where models
are more than coat hangers with legs, but people with feelings. Feelings of nervousness, momentary sadness, and
of emptiness.

This is the life of a “dying” model. One who, despite being very young, is still very old (in the eyes of the industry).


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Arts of Fashion Competition 2010 (Video)


This is the first video I have ever shot, and the first video I have ever edited. Not bad, eh?
I’ve always wanted to do short films but I just didn’t have the equipment. Now that I do,
I’m going on a video bender! I’m videotaping everything! But enough ranting and raving…

During the event, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to shoot, or how. All I had to rely on was
my ability to photograph. From there, I naturally chose angles that I would if I were
taking a picture – and viola! Here it is.

This video isn’t a total recap of the event, nor is it about anything in particular. I guess you
can say it’s a mere peek. It’s the show from my perspective. From backstage, from the
sidelines, and from down below. But one of the surprises that came out of this clip was the
sheer amount of detail.

In almost every clip, there’s a small nuance that each of the models give off. Whether it’s
a friendly smile, a sign of nervousness, or even the look of seduction, there’s something
to be seen from each scene. I also slowed each of the scenes down because I think
fashion should be viewed the same way. Fashion shows should be savored, rolled around
your brain like a swig of fine wine, and thought about with great detail. They aren’t
quick shows that you watch and forget about. Months and months are spent planning
each fashion show so at the very least, we should give the designers a little bit more of
our time.

I think I’ll be doing more videos from now on. Enjoy :)


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