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My New Citizen Watches – Fuji X100

My Christmas Presents from Livi

Livi always gets me amazing presents, but this year was very special. These watches are a perfect statement of the personal style I’ve crafted over the years: simple, timeless, and subtle. Can’t wait to see how the leather softens and molds into the shape of my wrists.


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Amiibo Photoshoot: Mario, Little Mac, Samus, and More! – Canon 7D


Took out my Canon 7D and 75-300mm lens and photographed some Amiibos. All of this was shot around the house using ambient light and my cellphone’s flashlight as fill. Ran color correction in Lightroom and that’s about it.
fox zelda DK mario link mac samus

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The Good (She)pherd – Oakland Zoo, CA (Canon 5D MkII)


This is one of my all-time favorite shots. Prior to this, I hadn’t evenĀ touched my cameras in months. Livi, my family, and I went to the Oakland Zoo as a learning experience for my nephew, Ariston. During the trip my brother-in-law, Mark, brought his newly gifted Canon 5d Mark II and was snapping away at giraffes, lions, and howler monkeys. Then, we walked in to the petting zoo barn and I saw this tiny, fleeting moment. A true H.C.B moment.

With the quickness, I borrowed the 5d Mark II in my hand, pretended I was interested in photographing the goat, and snapped this ONE photo. I felt like Clint Eastwood only less beard-y, more Asian, and less likely to talk to a chair. It felt good getting this shot. It was reassurance that YEAAA BABY! I STILL GOT IT! DADDY STILL GOT THEM MOVES!

I just love the ray of light beaming down on the little girl and the goat. Looks like it jumped off the page of “The Bible: For KIDZ” magazine – which I totally just invented just now.

Baby Jesus

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