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Update: Am I dead? Where Am I? WHAT THE F*CK IS GOING ON?!

Looking at this picture fills me with loads of joy and intrigue. For a 17 year old kid with zero fashion
experience and absolutely no knowledge of photography, I think I did quite well. Yup, that’s right
folks: my interest in fashion photography dates back many years before for this blog.

At 16, I became fascinated by the world of fashion and the idea that guys – even straight ones – could
be interested and even involved in the process of creating/photographing fashion. I saw it as an art
and I wanted in on the action. So I bought a subscription to GQ, observed the editorials, and honed
my craft (in my head.) The truth is… that picture above? That was the first time I ever worked with
live models. My first fashion photo… ever.

With zero funds and no lighting equipment at hand, I used what I had: I took my model and photographed her inside a raquetball court. The lighting was nice and the backdrop was as neutral as I could get.

I know I haven’t been blogging that much — okay fine –I know I haven’t
been blogging AT ALL… but please hear me out! Back when I made the decision
to leave street fashion, I did so because I felt like I was being fake. I would go to
the city, walk around for hours on end, look for people, photograph them,
grab a bite to eat, then leave San Francisco.

I just felt like I was using my beloved San Francisco to provide me with
content for my blog. I was like that boy from the giving tree: always asking and
never giving back. Never giving myself the freedom to let loose and just enjoy
the city for what the city had to offer. I wasn’t fascinated nor seduced by the
splendor of the concrete jungle. I wasn’t gaining any inspiration from her.
So in order to maintain sanity and keep my love for the city alive, I left.

After modeling in my own photoshoots, I quickly learned that the best outdoor lighting can be achieved on a cloudy day.

As of now, I am in the process of planning various photoshoots with multiple designers. Not only that,
but I also have a few fashion shows to go to, a blogger or two to collaborate with, and tons of video
ideas I want to try out. I’m not doing practice photoshoots or anything, but I am learning. I’m observing,
analyzing, and gathering up information. In essence, I’m doing exactly what I did when I was 16: I’m
honing my craft (inside my head.)

I can’t tell you how excited I am for my upcoming projects. I can’t wait to unveil all of my new ideas
and show you all why I’m here, and why I deserve a second look. I may not be the best technical
photographer, nor am I the most stylish guy in the world, but I do believe I have something. When
I’m in a fashion photoshoot, I honestly believe that I see certain things that many people (within my
skill range) do not. I’m not the type to spray and pray. I don’t just rev up my camera and fire off the
shutter like some crazy gunman, hoping to get a good shot out of many. I wait. I wait for that moment.
That perfect moment to hold my breath, look through the viewfinder, and freeze time. Don’t believe me?

Just you wait.

One of my all time favorites.

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It’s Bryan Boy! (the San Francisco version): Jonvey Salon, San Francisco

HOLY SHIT! IT’S BRYAN BOY! Well… he looks a lot less harmful than Bryan Boy, but he definitely
has the same vibe goin on. Now, I’m not saying this guy is biting off Bryan Boy’s style – for all we know,
he could be Bryan Boy’s muse – but I do think he’s doing a twist on it. It’s Bryan Boy in a less
Gaudy, almost wearable way. It’s Bryan Man!

I mean personally, I think Bryan Boy is the shit, and for him to be backstage talking to models, meeting
with designers, and probably having lunch with Marc Jacobs himself, is impressive – especially
for a blogger. Not only did this guy rock the Bryan Boy hairstyle and shoes, he also had the sunglasses.

(I overheard this guy talking to one of the guests at the show)
Girl: OMG! I love your sunglasses! Chanel?
Bryan Man: Oh no, it’s Marc Jacobs.


With the fashion scene in the bay area growing, it’s nice to see designers
and bloggers coming together, mixing the bowl, and creating something
reputable out of this liberal epicenter/cultural bonanza we call San Francisco.

In terms of fashion power, we’re no New York. Hopefully we can get there, or
at the very least, compete, but hey! At least we have our very own Bryan
Boy! That’s a start, right?

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Beautiful Stranger (HD Video)

Challenge: Make a stylish video to show off the designers clothes.

The models are wearing dresses at night, in the cold (50 F/10 C.)
You have about 2 minutes with each model. No more, but probably less.

Luckily, I managed to pull it off. Soooo… what do you think? This videoshoot
was actually pretty spontaneous. I initially recorded the runway but due to the
congested venue which took place in a choked hallway in an office building, the
video turned out a bit clunky.

With the wind blowing beautifully into the model’s hair, I wanted to capture the
essence of being taken away by someone’s beauty. To be engulfed, and swept away
by the beauty of their presence. Not their face, or their body, but the fact that
they’re there, and you are here… watching them as if they were a bird, or a swan,
dancing and moving gracefully into the atmosphere.

“The most exciting attractions are between two opposites that never meet.”
– Andy Warhol


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The In-Crowd: Jonvey Salon Fashion Show

What do fashion people do when they’re not being so… fashiony?

Oh… nevermind! Despite the wild antics that may occur after hours, when
around other fashionistas, the fashion crowd can be some of the most
refined and classy people you can find.

This man right here has a very interesting sense of style. The last time I saw
him, he had metal spiked epaulets! I like how he injects this flash of metallic
in an otherwise normal black and white outfit. Touche brother, TOUCHE!

My first impression of this outfit was: “WOW! Who let the bums out?” Maybe
it’s because I associate vests and long hair with bums, but when I took the
time to not be an asshole, I realized how good this outfit was. It’s functional
(ie., it keeps him warm) and it’s colored well in contrast to his facial hair.
I call this: BUM CHIC! Coming in Spring 2012! (kidding)

Holy hair! THE HAIR PEOPLE, THE HAIR! As simple as she looks, I am deeply
in love with this girl. I love the hint of eye makeup, the damn cute haircut,
and that infectious half-smirk. By FAR the cutest girl in…. wait..


AHA! Now THIS is the cutest girl in the room! PUAHAHA! This adorable
little Mochi ball of cuteness was prancing around, being cute, and being
darn stylish at the same time. We must, I say, we MUST construct a
monument in support of this cute little girl!

And with that I bring you Joy, one of my favoritest fashion models who,
in case you can’t see for yourself, is one classy classy lady ;) Pinkies up!

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The Details: Jonvey Salon Fashion Show


One of my pet peeves is when fashion photographers – or photographers who happen to be photographing
fashion – use giant camera lenses to zoom in on the action. I think that’s a load bullcrap. I think fashion
should be experienced up close, and not through your telephoto lens. Fashion is experienced at arms length
where you can touch, feel, and grope all you want. Basically, fashion photography isn’t for the shy and timid.
You need to man up and GET IN THERE! (that’s what she said)

Another reason why I photograph so closely is because in real life, that’s how we interact with outfits.
When you see a person in front of you wearing something beautiful, your eye doesn’t just take one big
look, and boom, you’re done – NO! Your eyeballs scan the outfit piece by piece, one at a time, observing
the details:

The texture of Lace (Wedding dresses by Amy Jo)

The way a piece of fabric is draped

A head of golden hair (hair by Jonvey Salon)

A cinched waistline (designs by Alyssa Nicole)

A flash of color

A beautiful face (makeup by Necia Whitmore)

An intricate nail

Check out these nails! It’s pickle surprise meets Hello Kitty! These well manicured fingernails belong
to Sindy, the artist responsible for many of the model’s nails. But fear not! A trip to her shop doesn’t
have to result in a Liberace themed manicure. She can also do more simple, subtle designs. *whew!*

If you take the time to look, and to allow your eye to wander as freely as a homeless man wanders through
the city, you can spot some very unusual, or quirky things. And who knows! You might even run into
something very hidden, yet lovely at the same time.


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**BREAKING NEWS** I GIVE UP On “Street Fashion” Photography?

Some of you are probably wondering by now:

“Is he seriously giving up Street Fashion?”

To answer that question: No, I’m not. However, I’ve been doing a lot of
thinking and during my recent trip to San Francisco, I had an epiphany.


During the month of December, I attended back-to-back fashion shows
as a photo and videographer.  While spending time backstage, I worked
on my first three fashion videos, and did anything but street fashion. It
was very busy work but within the span of two days, I was able to
generate enough content for three weeks! After awhile, I got sick and
tired of being on a schedule and I just needed some fresh air, and a
chance to rekindle with the concrete jungle.

Back in my natural habitat, I spent almost four hours walking around,
trying to find someone, anyone to photograph. I did find a handful of
nice outfits but I didn’t find enough. That’s the thing I hate about street
fashion: as nice as it is to go out and talk to strangers, my content is
entirely based on the creativity of other people. Essentially, I’m a

But that’s not who I am – or rather, not all I can do. I have over ten
different photoshoot ideas I’d like to work on, over 5 different videos
I want to try out, and at least 3 short films I have in mind. I’ve picked
out music, outfits, models, makeup, hair ideas, themes, and places I’d
like to shoot. Standing in the corner of Union Square, feet cramped,
throat dry, and tummy growling, it came to me:

I want to focus more on Fashion Editorial/Fashion Film/Fashion
Shows/Fashion Events

So as of now, The will be undergoing massive changes to
it’s mission statement, branching out from under the tree of street
fashion, and into the cosmos of editorial and beyond. I mean shit! I’ve
been blogging for over 6 years! I’m not just a blogger, but a storyteller.
As much as I like telling the stories of outfits I see on the street, I’d
much rather create my own.

Street fashion will always be there, and I will still do it, but just not as
much. I hope you can understand, and I hope all of my readers will
continue to visit the site for more pictures, videos, and stories.

One of the shots from my 1960's themed Photoshoot, taken in Downtown San Francisco

**Attention Models, Makeup Artists, Hair
Stylists, Designers, Photographers,
Videographers, and Bloggers**

If you’d like to work with me on my many many MANY projects, feel
free to contact me at, or you can add me
on Facebook, OR you can contact me through the official Facebook
page of

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